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About IVMM

IVMM was established in May 2000 under the Organisation Act 1966, with objectives amongst others:

  • To establish national identity for the institute and recognition by the community, business, industry and government of the benefits of (VM)
  • To foster professionalism in the VM projects locally and regional basis by establishing a point of reference to its members.
  • To advance the quality and range of VM and stimulate its application to the benefit of industry and public
  • To cooperate with other institutions, Societies and Associations with similar interest
  • To provided a recognized forum for a free exchange of idea and experience on VM and Advance the body of knowledge for evaluating projects successfully
  • To promote or assist in the propagations of VM in the fields of business,┬áindustry and public administration and among educational research and professional bodies.
  • To create a widespread awareness in the community of the benefits to be derived from the application of VM
  • To develop ad maintain standards of qualification for appropriate grades of membership and criteria for registration of Practitioners so that the community may have confidence in the designations by the IVMM
  • Collaborate with universities and other educational Institutions to encourage appropriate education and career development at all levels in VMEncourage academic and industrial research in the field of VM

Rules of IVMM (Rev. 1/2012)